Love One, Teach One Foundation — New Year, New Programs

Christmas Etiquette Dinner LOTO 5
Once Dominica's Independence celebrations were completed on November 3, the Love One, Teach One, Foundation went back to work serving their community. The Foundation led by Ms. Gloria Walsh is in their first year of a prison reading program to help those who are imprisoned. Ms. Walsh feels blessed to have 17 young men interested in the program. Now that the new year has come studying and hard work began with six individuals so they can successfully complete the CCLSC exam offered through the ...

Floyd County Veteran’s and Christmas Parades

Many locals and visitors crowd the sidewalks and streets of downtown Floyd on parade days. With all the anticipation of the creative float and unique vehicles we may not notice local Ham Operators around who are assisting local law enforcement for the day. Hams are located at eight different locations along the parade route including: Floyd County High School, Mabry’s Funeral Home, South Locust Street, the stoplight, the Dispatcher’s Office, the Village Green, Circle K, and Wood’s Funeral Hom...

Community Center in Bioche, Dominica

Community Center in Bioche 6
The FAIRS Foundation is serving as a supporter and sponsor of a Community Center located in the small Dominican Village of Bioche. The center will be 20 foot by 20 foot with a washroom computer, printer, and internet. They plan to have the building commissioned near the one year anniversary of the first meeting about the center; Sunday November 16, 2014. Clement Pierre-Louis J73CPL works to keep our Foundation up-to-date on the construction of the building: October 7, 2014 the constructio...

FAIRS Present at Many Local Events

FAIRS has been present at many local functions with event stations, booths, and press articles to make folks aware of our ability to provide emergency help and training.  Highlight events of ’11-’12:  FAIRS 20th Anniversary On-Air Celebrations; Floyd Town Jubilee, where we sponsored fun radio talk and activities for children; hosting Cub Scouts and other groups at Floyd Community Amateur Radio Station; Amateur Radio Field Day 2011; as supporter of local music at Oak Grove Pavilion; as supporter ...

FAIRS Works With Love One, Teach One

Much time was spent working with notable feeding/after school help programs for children. FAIRS works closely with “Love One, Teach One” (LOTO) Foundation’s student programs, led by Gloria Walsh, and right now assisted by Peace Corps volunteer Karrie Katz from Greensboro, NC. FAIRS also has great relationship with pre-schools and primary schools on the island near the capital city of Roseau. In 2011, FAIRS purchased supplies for painting of Wotten Waven Primary School and did washing and cl...

FAIRS Trip to Hamvention in Dayton, OH

A highlight was a trip to Dayton, OH for this year’s Hamvention, a large convention of ham radio which the Larsens attend each year.  FAIRS has operated a booth there since 1993.  They were very fortunate this year to sell nearly all of the items which Helen had brought from Ukraine:  hand-painted wares and Matryoshka nesting dolls.  Besides fundraising, they had fun meeting-and-greeting, which is always a large part of the festivities.   Members of Dayton Amateur Radio Association were happy to...

Helen Goncharsky Visits Floyd

Helen engaged in an array of activities and participated at a number of local and regional events during the course of her stay in Floyd.  She was able to do some sight-seeing, make visits to local groups, and she shopped at several Floyd locales for items to take back home.  Helen took some great photos: at springtime’s Floyd Auto Fair at Chantilly Farm, of friends and the countryside.  Some great memories were made; the girls even had a “cabin on the river” getaway!

FAIRS 2013 Visit to Dominica

During their stay, FAIRS assisted members of the Dominica Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (DARCI) with equipment repairs and checks of emergency radio communications systems.  DARCI Emergency Communications Center is now rentable to touring hams as a source of revenue for the Club.  Stephen Bloom KL7SB from Anchorage, Alaska was a guest, so FAIRS was able to meet with him and his wife and take a break from operating for awhile.  Licensed operators like Stephen can visit Dominica & use the Club stat...

Grenada Amateur Radio Club Official

Grenada Amateur Radio Club is now recognized as the body to conduct exams for amateur radio licenses. They have a new website These islanders have exceriseized their own disaster preparedness plan, and equipped their volunteers for the job. FAIRS has given radio equipment, literature, and funds for outreach. Along with that, a hi-gain antenna and peripheral equipment have been shipped to Grenada.