FAIRS and Floyd United Methodist Church Collect Items for Disaster Relief in Dominica

During the most recent trip by FAIRS directors David and Gaynell Larsen to Dominica, the couple visited a small village near the capital of the city which had several homes destroyed due to a fire that occurred the day after Christmas. Over sixty individuals were displaced and living in school rooms with all their possessions destroyed. The church collected sheets, towels, and blankets to be shipped to Dominica for the fire victims.

When Gaynell told FUMC Pastor Steve Johnson about the fire in Dominica, he led a project for members of the church to collect needed items for the victims. Hundreds of pounds of medical supplies, sheets, towels, shoes, etc were brought through the doors of the church. FAIRS and church members alike rose to the occasion and did all they could to help those less fortunate. On Palm Sunday, Pastor Steve had the children of the church come in waving palm branches and bringing in the donations for those in need.

FAIRS just shipped these items to Dominica by Caribbean Cargo out of Washington D.C. The boxes were stacked high and ready to go! Leading the effort in Dominica to help FAIRS distribute the collection is Gloria Walsh, director of the Love One, Teach One Foundation. This organization has assisted and empowered young people and their families in underprivileged areas of Dominica since 2005. Since the beginning of this organization, FAIRS has been supporting the inspiring message and work done for those in need.

Delegates from the Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service (FAIRS) have traveled to Dominica for more than 20 years now to help provide goodwill for the community. The members of FAIRS have helped provide emergency and amateur radio communications, after-school program support, assistance to Dominicans Against Drugs, as well as many other clinics and schools. They have transported medical and school supplies to many locations over the years and continue to try and provide help through goodwill and amateur radio!