FAIRS Bangladesh Sponsors International Amateur Radio Camp

FAIRS Bangladesh joined together with the ICT Division of Bangladesh scouts to organize the first ever International Amateur Radio Camp at National Scout training center, Mouchak, Gazipur. The camp allows prominent amateur radio figures from around the world to educate individuals on a variety of different topics including proper radio usage, radio propagation, antenna systems, and routine equipment maintenance. Students participating also receive training in natural disaster preparedness and emergency communication procedures. Students also have a chance to compete in amateur radio contests to help educate individuals in a fun and engaging way.The camp has been held annually since its successful beginning in 2013.

The program is comprised of two separate parts; The DXpedition and the Amateur Radio Training Camp. The training camp is a four day event, with various activities and lessons to help train individuals in the various aspects of amateur radio. The camp has a wide range of volunteers, some traveling from Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, France, and Germany, along with many volunteers from the Bangladesh National Scout Training Center. Working alongside FAIRS Bangladesh and the NSTC, The Mediterraneo DX Club also helped educate individuals on a variety of amateur radio skills. Overall, The International Amateur Radio Camp has been a huge success and is steadily growing every year. It continues to stress the importance of amateur radio and giving younger individuals an opportunity to learn. These organizations working together has made it possible to hold this event every year with greater and greater success.

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