Love One, Teach One Foundation — New Year, New Programs

Once Dominica’s Independence celebrations were completed on November 3, the Love One, Teach One, Foundation went back to work serving their community.

The Foundation led by Ms. Gloria Walsh is in their first year of a prison reading program to help those who are imprisoned. Ms. Walsh feels blessed to have 17 young men interested in the program. Now that the new year has come studying and hard work began with six individuals so they can successfully complete the CCLSC exam offered through the Caribbean Examination Council.

Other activities sponsored through the Foundation include: a Christmas Etiquette Dinner, Christmas Children’s Party, Salsa Dance Group, Youth Camp Fire, an the after school program. All these programs keep Ms. Walsh on her toes as she works diligently to insure that there are many activities open to her community members to participate in.

2015 is the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation, in order to see some of the progress made by the foundation please visit the link listed below. We are excited to see the progress she has already made and can’t wait to see where Ms. Walsh will take her foundation in the next 10 years to come.

Shown below are pictures from the Christmas Etiquette Dinner

Love One Teach One Foundation Love One Teach One Foundation